Elle Jauffret

Writer / Creator / Fork Handler

Elle grew up on international folklores, French 19th century novels, American 20th century speculative fiction, and Twilight Zone reruns. She is the author of Digging Through The Red Dust (Dreaming Robot Press), How to Serve Carnivorous Plants (Running Wild Press), The Maze (KEF), The Ingredients of Life (KEF), and The Girl of Salt and Feathers (SDSU Writers’ Conference Choice award). 

After spending her childhood running shoeless through the fields of Provence, Elle graduated French law school with honors and later earned a Juris Doctorate from the George Washington University Law School (Washington D.C.). She has worked as a pastry chef assistant, a lifeguard, a teacher, a translator, a medical writer, and as a criminal attorney for the California Attorney General's office—experiences that have influenced her writing (and helped pay off her student loans). She writes across genres and loves layering her stories with elements of science, history, and suspense.

Three of her short stories were featured at the National Children's Museum and used in schools as part of the Kids Euro Festival in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. She chaired the Pediatric Literacy Program at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (the U.S. Presidents' hospital) and initiated the program “First Breath, First Read” that provides new books to babies born in the hospital—as a first step into the world of literacy.  

When she isn't lawyering or writing, Elle creates fiction food and volunteers at her local middle school's library. She is an active member of SCBWI.