Elle Jauffret

Writer & Fork Handler

Born and raised in France, Elle grew up on 19th century novels. Temporarily a cyborg (a machine pumped her blood while doctors repaired her heart), she developed an early taste for Science Fiction (Bradburry, Orwell) which turned into a puberty-induced love for dark tales (Poe, Kafka, Stephen King) and historical drama (Dumas, Dickens, Zola). She reads across genres, but tends to favor historical fiction, speculative fiction, and suspense novels.

After graduating with honors from law school in France, she earned a Juris Doctorate from the George Washington University Law School (Washington D.C.). She has worked as a linguist and a medical/legal writer, and as a criminal attorney for the California Attorney General's office—experiences that have influenced her writing. 

When she isn't lawyering or writing, she experiments in the kitchen, and rides around town on her Vespa.