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The days when the workday ends early or starts late, my love and I meet at a coffee shop and play a little game: the first one orders her/his drink under one name and the other orders her/his drink, trying to find the complementary one. The baristas are super nice and very understanding of our little game and sometimes add drawing to the cups : ) (we do this when there is no line). 

Harry&Ginny (Harry Potter), Rachel&Nick (Crazy Rich Asians), Neo&Trinity (The Matrix), Westley&Buttercup (The Princess Bride), Archie&Veronica (Riverdale), Cersei&Jaime (Game of Thrones), Bella&Edward (Twilight).


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Summer: reconnecting with spooky children's literature

There is nothing like cold chills to survive a hot summer, and with a light work schedule, I am happy to be able to reconnect with my childhood love: "spooky" children's literature (it can be found in your bookstore under "Contemporary fantasy/horror/ghosts/ wizards & witches/historical”). I am also planning my family meals based on the dishes mentioned in the YA/MG stories I have been reading.  

1) THE WICKED DEEP by Shea Ernshaw (Young Adult- horror-witches)

From the book (hardcover p.16-18): “The sign above the glass door reads: ALBA’S FORGETFUL CAKES in pale pink frosting-swirled letters on a cream-color background. […] Her tiny forgetful cakes are intended […] to wipe away bad memories.”

Decadent chocolate fig basil cake (right); Lemon lavender (middle); Hazelnut …

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