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Elle Jauffret



  • "The Crimson Gale" (adult fantasy)— [summer/fall 2023]         

  • "The Girl Without Shadow"(MG historical fantasy) — Balloons Literary Journal, Issue 14 (Dec 2022);   [June 2023]

  • "The Flutters" (adult speculative fiction/horror)— Dream of Shadows story of the month (January 2023); Dream of Shadows Anthology Issue 5 (Dream of Shadows Publishing 2023); BioTeenFiction Podcast: Tales From the Heart and Other Organs (January 2023)

  • "Dragon Girl" (adult speculative fiction/horror)— BioTeenFiction Podcast: Tales From the Heart and Other Organs (October 2022)

  • "PFO-ed" (YA contemporary)—BioTeenFiction Podcast: Tales From the Heart and Other Organs (September 2022)

  • "Racing the Ghost" (spooky upper MG/YA contemporary )—BioTeenFiction Podcast: Tales From the Heart and Other Organs (August 2022)

  • "Harvest" (adult speculative fiction)— Dark Moments Year Three (Black Hare Press 2022); a top Dark Moments drabble of the month (November 2021).

  • “Premeditated” (adult speculative fiction)— Wrath - The Seven Deadly Sins (Black Hare Press 2021)

  • "Un-twinned", "The Gift", and "Mobile Home" (adult speculative fiction/horror)— Home (Ghost Orchid Press 2021)

  • "Digging Through The Red Dust" (MG science fiction)— Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, Vol.6 (Dreaming Robot Press 2019).

  • "How to Serve Carnivorous Plants" by Lexis Parker (adult speculative fiction)— Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Vol. 2 (Running Wild Press 2018); Running Wild Press Best of 2018.

  • "The Maze" (MG fantasy) — featured at the 2010 Kids Euro Festival and the National Children's Museum literary workshops.

  • "Mont Saint-Michel" (PB non fiction) —featured at the 2010 Kids Euro Festival and the National Children's Museum literary workshops. 

  • "The Ingredients of Life" (MG historical) — featured at the 2009 Kids Euro Festival and the National Children's Museum literary workshops.

​   (MG = middle grade; YA = young adult; PB = picture book)








  • 2023 New York International Women Festival award winner (short script)

  • Pitch War 2015 mentee under the mentoring of Roselle Kaes/Lim (Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune;  Vanessa's Yu's Magical Paris Tea Shop) to work on The Girl of Salt and Feathers (historical, culinary mystery/thriller about a girl who infuses emotions in her cooking and investigates a series of murders).

  • SDSU Writers' Conference Choice Award 2016 for The Girl of Salt and Feathers (historical, culinary mystery/thriller).

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