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A meal from FEED by M.T. Anderson (YA Sci-Fi)

The book: a Young Adult dystopian novel with the apropos themes of data mining, consumerism, environmental deterioration, and the overall decline of civilization. The story is narrated by Titus, an American teenage boy.

"We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck." (p.3)

“She seemed really smart from what she said, and she was pretty, and I was still thinking about that globe of juice floating in front of her face." (p.24-25)

“So Marty invented this game where we blew hypodermic needletips through tubing at a skinless anatomy man on the wall." (p.57)

"It smelled like the country. It was a filet mignon farm, all of it, and the tissue spread for miles around the paths where we were walking. […] I like to see how things are made, and to understand where they come from.” […] Then we sat and had some cider doughnuts that we bought at the farm stand. We got some that were plain and some cinnamon. […] She said, ‘It makes good times even better when you know they’re going to end. Like grilled vegetables are better because some of them are party soot.’” ( 142-143, 146)

Candlewick Press - First paperback edition 2004 

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