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Working as a food writer

I have recently assumed the position of food writer at Curiositales ("the magazine for all things bookish") and people often ask me what being a food writer entails. My work consists in creating and photographing dishes based on the books written by the authors interviewed. Step-by step, it means: reading the book, creating dishes mentioned in the story or a meal that reflects the atmosphere of the novel, writing the recipes intelligibly cooking said-dishes, styling and photographing (using props related to the story) the food.

One of my first fiction food posts celebrated the unveiling of Leigh Bardugo's first novel, SHADOW AND BONE. I had posted it on Facebook on September 15, 2012 (more than 6 years ago! where does the time go?) --see below : )


A Russian dish was called for, so I chose to make blinis (Russian dollar-sized potato pancakes) that I topped with dill crème fraiche and caviar. These savory cuties will literally melt away languorously on your tongue before leaving place to a decadent salty explosion. 

1 lb potatoes (Yukon best)
2 tbsp flour
3 large eggs
3 tbsp crème fraiche (or sour cream)
Salt and white pepper to taste
Boil potatoes until tender (easily pierced with a knife). Drain, peel, and mash 3/4 potatoes (about 12 oz). Add the remaining ingredients and whisk until batter very smooth but thick (add creme fraiche if batter is too thick). Cook as you would a pancake batter and place 1 tsp of it on griddle (medium heat). Cook until brown (about 2 minutes each side).
Forgo salt in recipe if you intend to serve with caviar.

For the dill-crème fraiche, just add fresh dill (finely chopped) to your crème fraiche. 

Caviar, a.k.a. “ikra”: sturgeon caviar is black, salmon roe is pink/orange.


I have also created an Instagram account dedicated to fiction food: @Fictionfoodchef




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