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Meal from JOYLAND by Stephen King (Fiction)

Tuna-and-macaroni salad, smoothie, and Fig Newtons from JOYLAnd by Stephen King

The story: a 21 year-old boy’s summer, at Joyland amusement park in North Carolina in 1973.

Excerpt from JOYLAND by Stephen King (First hard case crime edition: June 2013; paper back): “I went into the little control shack, found a good-sized Tupperware container, and popped it open. By the time Lane was back on the ground, the tuna-and-macaroni was in my stomack and I was tamping it down with a couple of leftover Fig Newtons.” (p.146)

“The kite was descending, but for the time being the wind still owned it. […] I also got one hell of a nice fruit smoothie. She said she made the yogurt herself, and it was layered with fresh strawberries from God knows where.” (p. 155)





Tuna-and-macaroni salad       

Directions: combine all the following ingredients and serve cold.

1 pack of elbow pasta (cooked)

4 celery stalks (finely chopped)

2 shallots (finely chopped)

6 scallions (finely chopped)

1 cup of mayonnaise

2 cans of tuna in olive oil (drained)

salt and pepper to taste



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