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San Diego ComicCon International 2016 : Highlights


I usually don't need to be saved, but I made an exception for Comic Con... then I put my tiara and cuffs back on : ) 


I met one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters: righteous Ser Davos Seaworth—Liam Cunningham. (He's such a kind and courteous man.)


Prince Zuko (from The Last Air Bender) shared his tea with me (his uncle approved) and Deapool and I chatted a little...

...while the Powerpuff Girls protected the area.


I was told to be pickier when choosing my friends...


.... so I hung out with the Silver Surfer and Wayne Szalinski  (”Honey, I shrunk the kids) with his lovely "Michelin wife".


I experienced a "What the Tweedle?!" moment with Dee and Dum, and ended the day at Aliens' 30th anniversary special screening event (the wonderful Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron made an appearance).


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