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Paris, 7 June 1867 - The Three Emperors Dinner

On June 7th 1867, in Paris, after visiting the Exposition Universelle (world’s fair), four Russian Tsars and dignitaries met at the Café Anglais for an unforgettable 8 wine/17 course-dinner served over eight hours at a cost of 400 francs per person ($9,000 today).

The dinner is known as Le Dîner des Trois Empereurs (the Dinner of the Three Emperors) for its guests were Tsar Alexander II, Alexander the Tsarevitch, Kaiser Wilhem I, and Otto von Bismark.

The menu (a six-month preparation affair) included:

Potage Impératrice (soup made with chicken stock tapioca, egg yolks and cream, served with poached rounds of chicken and green peas);

Potage Fontanges (soup made from puréed fresh peas, chiffonade of sorrel and sprigs of chervil);

Soufflé à la Reine (chicken soufflé with truffles);

Filet de Sole à la Vénitienne (sole filets served with a white wine sauce made with butter, tarragon vinegar, shallots and chervil);

Escalope de Turbot au Gratin (fried breaded turbot filet served with Swiss chard and onion gratin);

Selle de Mouton Purée Bretonne (saddle of mutton with a purée of broad beans served with Breton sauce);

Poulet à la Portugaise (roasted chicken stuffed with tomato flavored rice and roasted while covered with adobo paste  tomato, red bell pepper, garlic, origanum, paprika, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, lemon juice, white wine, and olive oil);

Pâté Chaud de Cailles (warm quail pâté);

Homard à la Parisienne (boiled lobster, sliced and glazed with aspic, and served with tomatoes stuffed with a macédoine of vegetables and sliced truffle);

Sorbets au Champagne (Champagne sorbets);

Canetons à la Rouennaise (roasted duckling stuffed with a mixture of ground, lean meat mixed with fat served, then sliced and served with a Rouennaise sauce);

Ortolans sur Canapés, (ortolans/birds served on toast) (ortolans are now a protected species);

Aubergines à l'Espagnole (aubergine shells filled with chopped aubergine, tomato and ham, gratinéed with gruyère);

Asperges en Branches (boiled whole asparagus);

Cassolette Princesse (duchesse potatoes and an asparagus filling in cream sauce);

Bombe Glacée  (ice cream dessert); 


Wines: Madère Retour de l'Inde 1810; Xérès 1821; Châteaux d'Yquem 1847; Chambertin 1846; Châteaux Margaux 1847; Châteaux Latour 1847; Châteaux Lafite 1848; Champagne Roederer frappé.


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