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French Tapestry and Memes

It was announced last week that the Bayeux Tapestry will leave France for the first time in 950 years and travel to London where it will be exhibited in 2022.

The Bayeux Tapestry (la Tapisserie de Bayeux) is a 9-century-old, 230-foot-long and 20-inch-tall embroidered cloth that depicts the battles that led to the Norman conquest of England. 50 scenes are included, all created with colored woolen yarns on linen.

To celebrate the occasion, let’s create medieval memes thanks to MIT and GitHub. Here are mine:

A modern take on the tapestry—here, the fight for women's rights as if depicted in the 11th century. Inspiration: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (above).

Netflix hit series Stranger Things, season 1 and season2 (below).


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