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Clueless meets Friday-the-13th

Text message: 

O-M-G! Jason Voorhees-Lecter asked me to go to the lake with his family this weekend! I so can’t believe it! I know you think he’s creepy because he wears his hockey mask all the time. But FYI, guys love sports as much as girls love shopping! (hint on why you are single). BTW, Jason has a KILLER body. Have you ever seen him swim? Drooling! I can’t believe he asked me out again. Our first kiss was so awkward. And so was the 2nd and the others after that. I still can’t figure out why my lips bled every time… must be my stupid braces! But tonight’s going to be different.You know what? Jason’s going to take me to dinner at CANNIBAL, his mom’s avant-garde restaurant where they serve the best Cajun stew EVER. And who cares if it’s Friday the 13th? Oh, I almost forgot. Jason wants us to get matching tattoos. He’s got all the knives and needles to do it at the lake. That’s going to be EPIC!
Happy Friggatriskaidekaphobia! Love you!


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