Elle Jauffret

Writer ~ Fork Handler

Rooftop Secret Garden

Lilly sneaked out the window and stepped on the frigid platform of the fire escape. She climbed up the stairs, cautiously but quickly, leaving behind the prints of her small soles and toes in the April snow. The roof was empty but for a green house made out of plastic bags and dry-cleaner hangers under which Lilly had planted a few seeds that had sprouted and grown. A few blocks away, the sharp glass building dominating the urban landscape came to life, jutting out of the darkness. A bright digital ribbon displayed the time in flashing green digits. 5:48. Lilly was just in time. She lifted the fragile plastic curtain, exposing the growing zucchini plants to the rising sun and watched its delicate yellow flowers open up in a slow graceful show. Lilly stayed there, seated under the humble tent of her vegetable garden, smiling and grateful to be alive in this ruthless world. Because for a few minutes a day, Lilly felt like she had it all.

Stuffed zucchinis

Ingredients: zucchinis, seasoned minced meat (sausage without casing), onion, garlic, fine bread crumbs, olive oil, fresh herb, salt and pepper.

Scoop the flesh out of the raw zucchinis (as if carving canoes). Chop finely all the other ingredients (including the zucchini's scooped out flesh). Fill "canoes" with mix. Dress with a few drops of olive oil and bake at a 350 degree-oven.



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