Elle Jauffret

Writer ~ Fork Handler

Moby Dick Fan Fiction: Ishmael's return

My meal, a seafood stew slathering two servings of pasta, stays untouched, yet this is not my first ale. I lightly eat, yet heavily drink, attempting to obliterate my memory of the fateful journey. I recall Queequeg, who I had encountered here, in the very same place, the Spouter-Inn, the eve of the day we both signed on with the Pequod, a whale ship commandeered by a "godlike man who has been in colleges as well as among the cannibals". Elijah had foretold with fair certainty the perilous vicissitude that waited us all. Captain Ahab's irrational thirst for vengeance against the White Whale had doomed them all, but spared me, the only survivor. Farewell Starbuck, Stubb, Flask, and the rest of the crew. May the heavens welcome you all, if a soul turns out not to be "a fifth wheel to a wagon". As for my hollow spirit, it has remained in a suspended haze and has forgotten the meaning of life and all things, but for my given name; Ishmael.


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