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Elle Jauffret


The 25th Easter of Éléonore

Nobles and dignitaries from all over Europe had courted her since she appeared at her first debutante ball, but none had succeeded in stealing her heart. Éléonore had turned down every single gift, gesture, or advance—from Fabergé Imperial Easter eggs to egg-shaped earrings made from the rarest pearls—for she wanted to be seduced not by riches but with her senses. She wanted to be romanced with adventures, with unapologetically raw emotions, which her gender was forbidden to know.

It happened on the Easter of her 25th birthday, when Sir Van Houten of the Netherlands brought her an egg-shaped cake that he had made with cocoa beans he had ground himself by hand. The first bite brought a flush to her cheeks, the second gave her shivers, the third one made her cry and want more. Sir Van Houten and she married on that day, for only he could oblige by serving her more.


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