Elle Jauffret

Writer ~ Fork Handler

The Mermaid

She cried the tears of a mermaid
Longing to see the sun
Frightened by the likely burn
His heart: the goal of her crusade

Opening every shell
From oysters to mussels
Haunted by the comforting taste
Of his dried giving lips

Reaching as high and far
From down deep and below
Gathering all her strength
Forgetting her fresh scar

His soul she breathed, her core he touched
Despite the forbidden
and the impossible
By the rock of love: crushed.

O mermaid, can't you see?
A fantasy you are
No right man could love you
Release his memory

With white wine and black pods
Succulent bright orange
More than a mere mortal, attract
All of the oceans' Gods.

(Mussels cooked in white wine)

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