Elle Jauffret

Writer & Fork Handler

The Singer's Wife and Manager

She pushed through the crowd of groupies, making her way to her husband, the leader of the band. They were all under the age of 30, mainly females, all sweaty and hysterical, exuding adoration for the man to whom she was secretly married. A wedding band could cost a singer thousands of adoring fans.

She wasn’t ready for this when she wedded the short, pudgy, pale-skinned, jet black-haired musician of the seedy bar in which they met—a dive with questionable customers that served the best salmon burgers in town. She had bought him a beer out of pity and he gave her arms in which she could forget her sorrow for the night. And here she was, managing him and his mediocre band—made great thanks to the magic of technology and the connections of a few names from her Rolodex. She had even picked out their names: The Ungrateful Ones.

There was no way she could compete with the sheer devotion of her husband’s fans, and she was unwilling to even try. The sparkle in her eyes had subsided long ago. If only they knew, she thought, that under the pop star’s strong physique, perfect face, and lion mane, there were hair plugs and dozens of cosmetic surgeries. If only they knew that behind his heroic pretense and love songs, there was a man with no morals. But they never will, she always decided. She was her husband’s manager. And even though she had long lost the love she once felt for him, she had never fell out of love with money.


Salmon-ginger patties recipeCombine: 1 lb skinless salmon filet  (pureed in food processor) + 4 tablespoon of fresh ginger (peeled and minced) + 2 cups of bread crumbs + ½ cup fresh chives or 1/3 cup tarragon (minced) + 1 tablespoon mustard (Dijon best) + salt and pepper to taste. When well combined, shape into patties (4-6). Cook in skillet (with a a little olive oil) until thoroughly cooked (about 5 minutes per side at medium heat). 


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