Elle Jauffret

Creator / Writer / Fork Handler


"Digging Through The Red Dust" (MG scifi)— Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, Vol.6. (Dreaming Robot Press). 

"How to Serve Carnivorous Plants" (speculative fiction)— Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Vol. 2; Running Wild, Best of 2018. 

"The Maze" (MG fantasy) — featured at the Kids Euro Festival's  and the National Children's Museum literary workshops.

"Mont Saint-Michel" (PB non fiction) —featured at the Kids Euro Festival and the National Children's Museum literary workshops. 

"The Ingredients of Life" (MG historical) — featured at the Kids Euro Festival and the National Children's Museum literary workshops. 


"The Girl of Salt and Feathers" (historical mystery/thriller) received the SDSU Writers' Conference Conference Choice Award. 

FICTION FOOD (Recipes/Food photography)

Curiositales Magazine (11 digital issues): September 2018- July 2019 

Curiositales Magazine (paper/newsstand issues): Winter 2019; Spring 2020

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Short story titled "How to Serve Carnivorous Plants" written under the name "Lexis Parker".