San Diego ComicCon

     Summer brought with it the much-awaited Comic Con, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of the action! My husband and I took the plunge into the world of cosplaying for the first time. It was my husband’s first time at Comic Con (he is more of the serious scientific type, so watching him mingle in a crowd of creatives was wholesome.) We went as Leeloo and Korben Dallas from the movie The Fifth Element. Cosplaying was surprisingly liberating and we enjoyed posing for photos and chatting with people.
     For people who might not know, Comic Con is not just a fan event, it is also a writers' conference of epic proportions. Amongst the vibrant cosplays and colorful exhibits, attendees can attend panels and discussions, soaking up knowledge and wisdom from seasoned writers and esteemed creators. It's a hub of artistic exchange and a platform where creative minds meet and flourish. 
     ComicCon is also a welcoming, inclusive place where I haven't met one grumpy person (so far) and where strangers become friends, bonding over creativity or fandom. I'm looking forward to next year (I have already a cosplay idea in mind).

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